Being a…light?

Hey you!  Yeah you!  I have a question for you.  What does the phrase “be a light” mean?  Really think hard about this!  After all, John 1:5 says “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it”.  What does God intend His children to think about this?  Now even though I am homeschooled, I took a course at my co-op covering the New Testament.  One of the first topics we talked about was looking at verses in context.  Verses that are cherry picked and molded to fit whatever people are talking about can drastically change the meaning of what God actually intended it to be about.  So looking in the chapter where this verse was found (John 1), the writer titled the passage in my ESV Bible as “The Word Became Flesh”.   All throughout this chapter, it talks about how God directly inspired the writing of the Bible and repeatedly talks about this light.  So back to my original question:  What does the phrase “be a light” mean?  Well, in short, it means to share and bear witness to God’s Word all over the Earth.   How did I know this?  Well, this passage is talking about John and how he was sharing the Gospel with everyone, but specifically says in verse 8 that John was not the light.

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    You may be wondering at this point who is the light then? And how are we supposed to be a light?  If you keep on reading you will discover in verse 9 it says “the true light, which gives light to everyone, was coming to the world”.  This makes readers infer that the light was Jesus and that after He died on the cross, His Holy Spirit would come and dwell in his believers.  This would make them a light as well to share God’s Word without hindrance.  Therefore we can be a light by doing what Jesus did by continually sharing His Word and standing out to others.  Even if it isn’t in some foreign country, you can be a light to your friends, neighbors, total strangers, etc.  My challenge to you is to be a light starting in your own country and city (because everyone needs to know about God’s love)!  Do this and be a light in His Grace. 


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