Like many other teenage girls, I have a strange obsession with… you guessed it… coffee.  Maybe it’s the way it looks, maybe it’s just really aesthetically pleasing, but most of all, maybe it’s the way it tastes!  

Many people will think that I am referring to Starbucks (what teenage girl wouldn’t? lol just kidding), but I have actually found that I prefer the local coffee shops around my house.  I love trying different types of coffee (maybe snapping a picture or two, which you can see on the light_in_his_grace Instagram page) and enjoy seeing how each one is created. 

(Saved from Royallypink.com) 

Now, I don’t drink it 24/7 or every day, but I do think it’s rather nice to have once in a while.  Well, that’s basically my blog post all about coffee and I hope all of you enjoy it as much as I do (even if you don’t, you gotta admit that coffee art in the picture is pretty cool!).


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